Franz Collection Porcelain Decor and Accessories
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About Franz Collection

About Franz Collection

FRANZ porcelain art is three-dimensional, hand-made, and hand-painted. In its decorative art pieces, FRANZ captures the diverse beauty of Nature. FRANZ draws on a rich heritage of porcelain expertise, integrating handicraft with modern technology.

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Aug. 8

Franz Collection

Franz Collection Franz Porcelain
Chill out this summer with some tropical fruit! Serve it in this beautiful handcrafted porcelain bowl from Franz Porcelain!

Tags: Franz Porcelain, Franz Collection, Franz Porcelain Collection, Handcrafted, Porcelain, Handcrafted Porcelain, Hibiscus, $FRZ-FZ01625

08/08/18 01:41 PM
Jason Solarek picture
Jason at Bridge
Cool bowl

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